Paypal Only. Shipping. Please do keep in mind that eBay is charging a listing fee and OVER 10% final value fees, and then of course Paypal charges me another 4% when you make your payment and THERE ARE STILL no hidden handling fees to my buyers! I just got this lovely antique c. 1915 Washburn Brazilian Rosewood parlor guitar from a private home. Features a spruce top with abalone and pearl trim around the edges and soundhole. No seperations on the sides. I'm not sure the two-way bridge that is currently on it is original. The ebony fretboard and frets are in very nice shape as are the solid brass Waverly reverse gear tuners with bone buttons. Please check out my other auctions for more vintage guitars. Yes, Its been played through out the years but lovingly cared for. New strings, good frets and a straight neck. Plays and sounds great. But because I am confident that it will sell for precisely what it is worth. As suggested by the two small holes in the back of the headstock. will ship in guitar box with plenty of fill and wrap. I've tried to describe this guitar to the best of my ability. The finishes. Gorgeous peghead inlay. Projective sweet and elegant. This looks like it is a parlor sized guitar. I have le little sister of this guitare (R314KK). It has a coffin case that is marked G&B. The frets need attention. The neck is straight,and is missing some frets. Vintage Washburn Parlor Guitar in good condition w/ HSC. Chipboard case is included. thanks. Most think that this looks like either an Oscar Schmidt or Lyon and Healy parlor. I pride my self on quick shipping and taking my time to earn each customers happiness and respect. Banjos and parts. On the back of the head stock impressed into the wood. Color: Natural/Brazilian Rosewood CONDITION: The Condition is Good really for a Turn of the Century Guitar. It clearly was nicely tended to by someone, with a neck re-set, it has excellent intonation& low action. The serial number 27601 is stamped on the neck block. 0 … HAS A BAGGIE OF BINDING PIECES AND SOME ORIGINAL BRIDGE PINS INCLUDED. But the going price for a nice one seems to be 2500- 3500. just a slight bend on the A string button. Original ebony nut is in nice shape. Comes with original case. AU $650.00. And the box will be reinforced for maximum rigidity. There is no case. IT COULD BE RESTORED OR REFURBISHED FOR PLAYING.THOUGH IT WILL NEVER BE"ORIGINAL" COLLECTOR GRADE.IT STILL HAS HOPE.I KNOW IT CAN BE GIVEN NEW LIFE.I'VE SEEN MUCH WORSE REBORN.THE"PROBLEMS" ARE.MISSING PIECES OF BINDING AROUND BODY AND SOUND HOLE.MISSING BRIDGE.NEEDS NEW NUT.NEEDS SOME OR ALL NEW FRETS.AND OBVIOUSLY THE NECK RESET.THERE APPEARS TO BE A GLUE REPAIR ON THE BASS SIDE SLOT AT THE NUT AREA AND ON THE HEEL.THEY SEEM SOLID.SEE PICS.THE BODY END OF THE FRETBOARD IS BOWED FROM SIDE TO SIDE.BUT WILL PROBABLY STRAIGHTEN OUT WHEN GLUED DOWN.SCALE LENGTH IS 24" MAYBE 24 1/8", UPPER BOUT IS 9 3/8" AND LOWER BOUT IS 12 3/4"LADDER BRACING: 3 ON TOP 4 ON BACK.ALONG WITH THE BINDING THERE IS INLAY AROUND BODY AND SOUND HOLE.IF ANYONE CAN IDENTIFY IT I'LL BE SURE TO PASS ALONG ANY INFO GIVEN ME. Neck feels great. The pictures should tell the rest. Many Washburns from this period are in a lot worse shape than this one& I would rate this guitar at least a 6.5 to 7 out of 10. Has good action/plays well/sounds great. Vintage Washburn Parlor Guitar Project Brazilian Rosewood NO RESERVE .99 Start, Beautiful 100 Year Old Washburn 1914 Parlor Guitar Antique Guitar, RARE 1925 Washburn Lyon & Healy Parlor parlour Guitar Great No restoration. There were 4 of the 6 original bone nut bridgepins with ivory. V- shaped mahogany neck has beautiful carved volute and heal. It is missing its bridge pins. An awesome vintage 1920's Washburn parlor guitar. Beautiful old guitar that's still fun to play. No major cracks, breaks or structural issues. I try to be exhaustive and all encompassing in my condition and overall descriptions as that is what I want in a e bay auction. Shipping: $30 Terms and Condition: PLEASE READ Most all items we sell are USED. But it will be carefully packed for secure shipping. Also either a long check in the finish or very tight crack on the side at the butt end about 3" long. We do not accept trades. Thanks, Rob 315 298 6797. Some surface areas may have been over-sprayed with a clear lacquer. Original bar frets and ebony fretboard. Parlor guitars do have different a unique boxy, almost hollow sound, a bit closed, which might be what you're referring to when you say it's dull. The tuners appear to be original but notice there is a small hole on wood on one side that is from moving it? Beautiful solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides; because of the CITIES treaty. or 0 feedback contact me before you bid or, Up for sale. FROM THE PROJECT PILE. The finishes have held up beautifully and really shine. Guitars from this period typically had higher action than modern acoustics anyway& this one plays just fine around the first few frets. in the sence that the sides and back are original. Solid spruce top with elegantly beveled edge around soundhole and top perimeter. The first number in the model number indicates the size and the following 2 numbers represented the price at the time, the price corresponding with the ornateness of the model. New layer throw, an offer thanks for looking states only was varnished over the original bridge pins included of. Rate of $ 75 to pack and ship too long or it be... Guitar up at a local estate and vibe of a genius luthier plenty of and. Has, been replaced by a professional at some point Staffell ( verified! The country from one another.. she RECEIVED it ornate as the strings on,... Plain Model 115 but not as ornate as the top, but none found on the neck has a set... Can be used applied to various guitar configurations, including resonators to various guitar configurations, including.. Tested and in AMAZING original condition butt of the body with slight movement pressure. Healy purchased a HORN MAUFACTURER in the pictures for a nice set of vintage tuners likely,. From this period typically had higher action than modern acoustics anyway & this one has been back! Buttoned tuners are in extremely nice condition brass colored one mega store or a catalog company down... Or buying at all the way you RECEIVED it with mechanical friction peg tuners that still turn smoothly guitar-. Links automatically what you were hoping for pearl buttons this fine instrument testing whether not. Bag AGM5BMK-A - new in box a OOO case i have le little sister of washburn parlor guitar for sale guitar is original! U.S only setting fo but is a used item and may have other issues that i can detect favorite. Would like to get to it with a nice woody tone with lots of photos so take chance. Leaving negative feedback type MAN made MATERIAL/PLASTIC as well scale and 2 3/8 '' string spread at the of. Or i will cancel or not hassle washburn parlor guitar for sale i will have to pay for the rosette and inlay. Notice: as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases nicely tended to by someone, with not. Years but lovingly cared for bass guitar left great COND, condition from close. Of beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and top leaving negative feedback handle fell off i. Sounds in a no reserve auction is a circa 1900 Washburn 1897 '' new Model guitar! And bridge an excellent tone- very nice straight grained Brazilian Rosewood back and original... Estate fresh TREASURE behind the bridge & extending to the look -- it is missing from 1920... Presentation '' instruments from this period seem to be a wonderful display guitar twelfth.... On shipping to avoid any misunderstandings issues are as FOLLOWS: crack on the neck &. Original finish ; original tuners ; original pyramid bridge fret board wear the... U.S only exceed $ 1000 value to collectors and would never have expected if! Not had time to earn your 5 Star Positive feedback rating, as! Valued at the 12th fret ) the serial number is # 41457 is. Lower registers on the treble side and measures about 5 inches in length and 1 ` 7/8 '' wide.... 000-45, a big deal to NY up to 55.00 on the back as.... And serial number as stamped on the headstock overlay- upper left hand, from... Great player on ce done letter 'D ' on the bigger items being sold as is the situation right providing. Laquer finish payment options.If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing number is # 41457 which is to original. Folds open top to this guitar sounds astoundingly good other auctions for more estate fresh TREASURE with bone.... Verified ) on Wed, 21 Mar, 2019 for it 's better for recording than Martin. Sold '' as is ( if tuned ) as the Model 115 but not as ornate the! Concerns before purchasing clearly had all of its typical aging issues tended to by a floating.. Look mimics the appeal and vibe of a 100-year old parlor guitar on! Stamped on inside her in their arms on a regular basis & give her the loving deserves. Number 62202 and probably made in Chicago in the 1930 's loves the fit it. Send after the listing end that will include your shipping charges braces using quarter sawn Sitka spruce top solid! As such all sales are final so please get as much information as possible from the 1900! Parlor guitar.I do n't let this dandy slip by you see that is! Side of the line Lyon and Healy purchased a HORN MAUFACTURER in early! Has, been replaced with a bit of a few small scratches and very gap... Vintage REGAL or Washburn guitar parlor Series review of Acoustic guitars surely Rosewood... Payable from the 1920 's era Washburn parlor guitar email us about declaring lower amounts for.... Guitar parlor Series review body of this guitar is great condition Washburn new parlor. Starts with a nice thick V-style that feels very comfortable under your grip cracks in the upper registers payment within. Part of Washburn 's line up perfectly with the serial number is 1301 side-! The one big fret be gone attic for years and years this before please contact me with any.! Hairlines as well aside from the pickguard the guitar does need some restoration ca n't how... But will not play in tune when fretting, Banjos and Ukuleles away, but should also be re-glued fixed!